The King Senzangakhona Stadium

King's Park stands less then a kilometre from the Indian Ocean and is recognised as the prime sporting venue in the holiday city of Durban.

Set in expansive grounds ten minutes' drive from the primary hotel hub, the Stadium has been regularly renovated and improved in recent years and now stands as a mighty, towering structure.

King's Park hosted the international friendly played between South Africa and England in May 2003 to celebrate the international launch of South Africa's 2010 World Cup bid and the Stadium won unreserved praise from visiting officials and media.

Originally built as a rugby Stadium and used as a semi-final venue in the 1995 Rugby World Cup, King's Park has now become a dual-code venue, and indeed staged Bafana Bafana's first ever match, a famous 1-0 victory over Cameroon in July 1992.

For 2010, new roofed upper tiers will be constructed at the north and south ends of the ground, behind each of the goals, to create a fully encircled oval with a new net capacity of 60 000 seats.

King's Park will be nominated as a semi-final venue, ready to host memorable Fifa World Cup matches on warm evenings, cooled by the balmy breeze wafting in from the Indian Ocean.

The new Senzangakhona stadium, unveiled recently at Durban's ICC by KwaZulu-Natal's Premier Sbu Ndebele and eThekwini Mayor Councillor Obed Mlaba, will be a world-class stadium.

The new stadium will be built on the site of the existing King's Park stadium and has been designed as a first-class multi-purpose sporting facility.

Named after a founding father of the Zulu nation, King Senzangakona (ca. 1762 - 1816 ), the 100m high arches will mark the centre of Durban's growing Sports City Complex.

Senzangakhona stadium key features

*The stadium will have a seating capacity for 70 000 people.
*The arches will be 100m high.
*The stadium will cover 320 x 280 square metres and will be 45m in height.
*There will be parking for 10 000 cars.

Green Point Stadium

Stadion ini berada di kota Cape Town. Stadion yang berkapasitas 70.00 tempat duduk tersebut juga digunakan sebagai tempat konser musik.
Stadion tersebut akan digunakan untuk penyisihan grup A antara Uruguay melawan Perancis, grup F antara Italia melawan Paraguay, grup C antara Inggris melawan Algeria, grup G antara Portugal melawan Korea Utara, grup E antara Kamerun melawan Belanda.

Cities Host World Cup 2010

There are 9 cities were tobe host for World cup 2010, that cities are Johanesberg, Port Elisabeth, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Mangaung, Rustenberg, Neispruit, and Polokwane.